Photos of the Week, CY365, week ending 8/2/14

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The prompts that have been crossed out are the ones I feel match my photos this week!

27. The Right Tool
28. Enjoy Yourself

29. My Favorite Color
30. A Blue Background
31. Garden Lovelies

1. My Everyday
2. In the Morning


10568026_10204884249689976_442863248_n27. The Right Tool—is sometimes your fist.  (not my fist. Someone I worked with years ago, but it’s never been patched)
10588801_10204890177318163_1628211877_n28. Enjoy Yourself—Nothing like a vacation day spent with family you don’t see often enough! So, a selfie with my godson!
10565961_10204872775603131_1906074823_n29. My Favorite Color—A perfect example of my favorite color! I love all of them!! This is a quilt I made based on the game Sudoko…

10581298_10204911636254623_1510870120_n2. In the Morning—What more needs to be said?
10585410_10204895167282909_808940702_o—Cat Food. Another in the cat in the kitchen series….

10592230_10204907390188474_1597709930_n Last night we went to see Wish I Was Here (GOOD movie!!!!) But before, they had a preview of Outlander….and I have been waiting for this show for YEARS!!!!!!

10425813_10204872776963165_677504395_n Laylabug  wanted to imitate Lady Liberty…

30. A Blue Background
31. Garden Lovelies

1. My Everyday

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