Photos of the Week. CY365, week ending 5-3-14

27. Square
28. The Number 4

29. Buzz
30. Uplifting
1. Healthy Vision
2. May Flowers
3. My Eyes

10287321_10204200319112139_1958109952_n27. Square—The photo is square, certainly. The flower is Rosemary….for remembrance…twelve years ago on this day I married the man of my dreams.
10323109_10204208564718274_1150149561_n28. The Number 4  This was not as easy to set up as one might think. We went through a large number of groups of 4 fish before I was able to get a shot sequence!
 10327274_10204218090036401_2066456441_n1. Healthy Vision—One of the things I do with my eyes is READ!

photo f3. My Eyes— Photography is so very important to me…Looking with eyes that SEE!  Neko is helping me sort photos for the The Fort Clifton Festival.  The Fort Clifton Festival in Colonial Heights, Virginia–I will be there! I hope you will stop by the 39th annual show! It is Mother’s Day Weekend! (which is VERY SOON, hint hint!) I am going through my photographs and getting ready for the sale!

photo k I know this is how I can find my person who ran away to Canada! I will FB her! Meow. ….I miss you!

photo car This is what happens when Timmy takes me to a cruise night. I find the rusty thing in a field of shiny.

974611_10204201461340694_1620546472_n Laylabug walked into the house and lay down on the floor with Neko (with an N finally he’s not Eko anymore!) He got up and walked away but she’s one determined child. She also called me a silly goose for suggesting it was bedtime. She was cuddling with Granpa on the couch, cookies and chocolate milk.


This is CY365!   My photography website.    Follow me on Facebook.    On Twitter, I am@rteest42

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