Photos of the week, Week ending 4-26-14 CY365

20. Gathered
21. Multi-colored
22. Barbed
23. Peaceful
24. April Showers
25. At last!
26. Thoughtful

A difficult week for worrying about photos, as my dear mother-in-law Evelyn died on Tuesday.  I did make a video for her to watch, and I know it made her happy….

And I do have photos…


974310_10204143046240353_1280942601_n20. Gathered —at Maymont on Easter Sunday…

10270004_10204169830869952_1467222858_n22. Barbed—(or lacey)… tree silhouette…

10261729_10204183273846018_1597132114_n24. April Showers—bring night flowers…

10269979_10204182955758066_1144231243_n Pink! For Evelyn’s wake and funeral, many wore PINK in her honor, because she loved it so.

10154878_10204183288846393_1047242940_nAnimal Crackers, awaiting Laylabug’s arrival.

10268177_10204169831429966_763988540_n I took this so I would remember which light bulb to buy while out.

10153407_10204189143232749_465605814_n A rose from the graveside…



This next week or so is going to be spent getting ready for the Fort Clifton Festival which is Mother’s Day Weekend.


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