December 26, 2013 Christmas Photo a Day


And that’s a wrap!

Well, it USED to be, now it looks more like a cat toy!

Thank you for sharing this month with  me! Thanks, too, for all the comments that have been sent my way, I truly appreciate them!

If you have enjoyed  this and want to hear from me during the year, please subscribe to my blog, HERE. On the right side, about half way down, there is a subscription button.

That way, you won’t miss a single thing!

  • Which is to say, about once a week, I post photos that I have taken for challenges.
  • I occasionally post blogs about quilting,
  • When I can’t take it anymore, I may post a rant about something.
  • Sometimes, I am even philosophical or silly.
  • When December 1, 2014 rolls around, you will be the first to receive Christmas Photo a Day photos again!

I wish everyone the happiest of everything this season and this coming year!

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