December 11, 2013 Christmas Photo A Day

20131203-IMG_5800Our Christmas tree is a tree of memories.

I decorate with colored lights! The more the merrier. There are no two ornaments that are the same, the colors are all over the place. I don’t do the matching tree, with color coordinated, fashionably matched balls and bows. (I can admire such a thing, but can’t imagine doing so unless I had more than one tree.)

Our tree is a delightful walk down memory lane.  The percent of ornaments that were bought simply because they we too cute is possibly as high as 15%. The rest of the ornaments are gifts, handmade by friends, family or myself, or are memories…. many of our vacations, and one for each of the pets that have been family.


20131208-IMG_7402Added this year, from our trip to NOLA this past spring—a mini family reunion and a wonderful time with my husband, exploring a beautiful city.

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