December 3, 2013 Christmas Photo A Day

untitled-225I was afraid to let Waldo go inside!

One of the best parts of doing this Photo A Day has been comments. I love hearing from you, and about how a photo reminds you of a Christmas memory or tradition!

So, a question today: How many years does it take for a TRADITION to form? I have been doing this for 6 years now; it is definitely a Christmas tradition! Alternatively, how many years do you need to NOT do something to break the “but it’s a TRADITION?” 

What is your most unlikely tradition, your favorite tradition, or the one that you wish would silently disappear?

2 thoughts on “December 3, 2013 Christmas Photo A Day

  1. We watch White Christmas while decorating the tree. We try to coordinate the watch date with the family across the country now, but sometimes we miss.


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