2013 The Year of the Bathroom, Part 2

Earlier this year, I decided I was READY to redo the bathroom. get rid of that horrid flooring and do something fun. (<—Other bathroom) Just DAYS after we finished redoing the half bath, located off our bedroom, the tub in the main bath cracked. Again. The patch job we had done lasted two years, but ….

So, we made the decision to replace the tub. It was supposed to be a simple tub install. (Shush, I hear you laughing.)

After working with a few contractors the decisions were made. Since we had to remove the toilet to have room to do the tub, we might as well get a new toilet, and since the toilet was up, what better time to get a new floor? Mind you, the floor wasn’t offensive, like in the other bath, just blah and uninspired.

I really liked the wall color and faux treatment I had already done a few years back, and I knew I could replicate it in the 6 inch swath of drywall that had to come out to put the tub in.  We finally got the workers in on the 10th; they estimated 3 days. (STOP laughing!)

So, fast forward to today, the 23rd. We are FINISHED! Yup, that is 10 days more than 3. We had some issues— scheduling of workers was only the smallest part. The bathroom is small. Getting the old tub out and the new tub in was apparently like a take no prisoners game of Tetris, and the walls lost. The entire back wall ended up being removed, plus some other small parts. (There goes the “I don’t have to paint” idea) We went a few days with no tub, then more days with no curtain. Then, the shower started leaking, spewing water into the linen closet and the carpet got all wet and well, yeah. (By the way, this is the ONLY tub in the house)

It’s done, now. I chose a slightly different color, I did another textured finish on the walls, because except for the flat new one, the walls have a lot of imperfections, from the previous owners love of wallpaper borders.

It’s DONE.


IMG_5835This is actually linoleum! (Plus,Laylabug’s pail with bath toys)

IMG_5840Dance Me to the End of Love, by Jack Vettriano is on the wall. .

IMG_5853This captains jar is a family heirloom, and many of the shells in it were collected by my great-great aunt Gene.IMG_5854

IMG_5843Photo is one of my beach-y bird photos. (I am the crazy lady you see following the plovers on the beach with my camera. They crack me up)IMG_5850A close-up of color and texture.IMG_5848I LOVE Ikea. Bought this there eons ago.IMG_5852Wherever we go, I collect sand. (or rocks or salt, as the case may be) IMG_5856Another Vettriano in the medicine cabinet that Timmy made. The shower curtain was a find at Goodwill for $3.99!!IMG_5858Timmy and I—a selfie on the way to Key West, in a deep frame with sand and shells.

Oh, right. The Tub!


2 thoughts on “2013 The Year of the Bathroom, Part 2

  1. Is that a modular tub and surround? Are you happy with it? Looks good! Love to know the maker. We have to redo the shower again and our house has major foundation movement issues. I’m hoping that a modular one that just sits away from the walls is my answer. At the moment, tiles are falling from the ceiling and the crack at the corner is wide enough for large bugs to walk in on stilts.


    • Modular as in three parts that stack on top each other for assembly. This doesn’t sit away from the wall however. We had to take down some drywall, put it in and then put drywall back up over the lip… Good luck with yours however!


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