Photo a Day, CY365 week ending 9/14

Photos this week are pretty much fitting prompts, but not necessarily on the day they were issued.

8. Simple
9. Routine
10. Around The House
11. On The Schedule
12. Details of the Day
. On The Table
14. Typical

IMG_50998. Simple, when you are cat!
IMG_50129. (Morning) Routine
IMG_503410. Around The House Yes, a few months back my photos were of the bathroom reno. Surprise! Three DAYS after that room was (voluntarily) redone, the tub in the hall bath cracked.
IMG_501111. On The Schedule
20130908-20130908-IMG_543112. Details of the Day. Laylabug turns TWO!
IMG_505713. On The Table. Moo Shoo Chicken
20130913-20130913-IMG_552814. Typical. Things NEVER go as planned in a reno! This was to be a tub install. We opted to add a new toilet and floor. (Guess what?: Under the boring but inoffensive flooring we knew about was more of that absolutely revolting linoleum that had been in the other bathroom.) The room is SO small that they had to tear out the wall to even shift to get the tub in place. Oh, joy. So, new walls, and I have to repaint.

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