CY365 Week ending 9/7

The year is moving quickly. We are on that down-hill slide, and any moment we will be waking up and Christmas will be over and we’ll be thinking of what resolutions we are going to break in 2014!

However, week by week, I make it through and remember most days to take my photos. Some days they even line up with prompts. How did I do this week?

1. Everywhere A Sign
2. Still Life
3. Back To School

4. Indulge Yourself
5. Soft
6. On The Left
7. Black And White

IMG_48211. Everywhere A Sign (or a pattern, at least!)
20130902-20130902-IMG_53732. Still Life (still! and alive!)
IMG_48063. Back To School

20130902-20130902-IMG_53774. Indulge Yourself (How to be a GIRL, lesson #6)
20130906-20130906-IMG_53945. Soft– Light
20130902-20130902-IMG_53666. On The Left (Get in on the left. First driving lesson)
20130901-20130901-IMG_53477. Black And White (Dress)

Yes, it seems I’ve gotten a wee bit lazy with photos, and use Laylabug all the time when she is around! And add a kitten and really, do I HAVE to exercise my creativity when there is this much CUTE?? (As I said at the beginning,  I wasn’t stressing it this year by HAVING to shoot something at 11:30 pm when I realized I hadn’t taken any photos on a given day. So, Sunday nights and Mondays are prime photo days!)

But, this week is Laylabug’s birthday and it makes sense she is in so many photos. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Have you looked at my newly redesigned photo galleries? Tell me what you think!

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