Babies and Kittens CY 365 WE 8/24

For a while, I think we may find my Photo a Day invaded by babies and kittens. Really, there is no defense against them. Smile

18. Measured
19. In An Alley
20. On The Other Side
21. Spin
22. Abundant
23. Local Landscape
24. On Steps

IMG_4659Pina Colada from Taco Bell (they forgot the rum!

IMG_4661Blue Tailed Skink, spotted on the sidewalk in a shopping center.

20130818-20130818-IMG_5037Introductions—Don’t we shake paws?IMG_4646Neko, teething.

IMG_4625Preschool for the toddlers.


20130819-20130819-IMG_5074(wait, a photo that matches a prompt??)Cockade Alley., Petersburg, VA

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