CY 365 Week ending June 8, 2013

Some weeks, the prompts just don’t work. Some weeks, they do.  This week was a mixed bag.

IMG_3997-001June 2. Converted Editing was so totally needed on this shot from my iPhone. It was taken with what little light came from the bathroom door, after I found Laylabug in our bed last night, and SOOTC it was almost completely black. I had put her to bed in her Pak-n-Play, and when I came to bed myself, she had climbed out, onto the bed, and settled herself into a nice comfy sleep.  Without editing, it is barely visible.  I used Picasa and the Orton effect to take away a lot of the very grainy look.  I am posting the non-processed photo right after thisuntitled-24. Negative Space  Negative space? Well, ok, not really. But negative editing!  I got a kick out of the Genuine, Natural, Pure….untitled-45. Documented–The BEFORE shot.
DSCN04427. Three of a KindDSCN04443. A Pop of Red. Not sure whether Nutzy is telling us that girls can be superhero’s too, or…..
untitled-3Dandelions –Laylabug declares our dandelion garden, “PRETTY”…

IMG_4080A surprisingly successful framing combo….I was unsure, but the customer was headed down a road that was SO pink and SO bright…

That’s 7!

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