CY365, week 2 of vacation…

(Well, at least of not following the prompts. Didn’t get two weeks of vacation! )

When we did get home, however, I found that Momma Robing hatched three little ones. So, we will be Robin-heavy this week.

untitled-3Three little babies, the day before they flew the coop.

IMG_3703Momma brought lunch…

untitled-2-3I woke up one morning, and looked out to the nest, and didn’t see anyone home. As I turned to go back inside, Jr. here popped his head up and climbed out of bed.  His siblings either didn’t come home last night, or he is just NOT the early worm type….

2013-05 MAY-158There was an approximately 45 minute window that it wasn’t thundering and storming while we were in NOLA. We ran right into a wedding parade on our way to the cemetery tour.

2013-05 MAY-112We spent Mother’s Day on Avery Island. Look, a laughing alligator! (I am told that is a sign that he is beginning to tire of the camera lenses being pointed at him…)

IMG_3841Waldo went on vacation with us. On Mother’s day, he gave me a flower.

2013-05 MAY-10I take photos out of the passenger window all the time. This one I took for my uncle Thomas—it’s a truck full of Teslas!

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