Sir Gandolf the Grey, in photos

…because he really was just too cute for words.

2010-Gandolf2010-Gandolf-52011Dec21-0292011-Jan 9-12012 01 05 Layla-322012-04-14-72012-09SEP-0262012-JAN 29-2

20120719-untitledfilegandolf in cabinetgandolf water



IMG_3653IMG_3733IMG_5434IMG_5527 copyIMG_5530 copyIMG_5545 copyIMG_5607 8x10IMG_5888 5x lguntitleduntitled-2untitled-2-2untitled-3Two post-surgical patients.

untitled-5untitled-6untitled-7untitled-8untitled-9untitled-10untitled-11untitled-24untitled-39Animals steal your heart, and they take a bit of it with them when they go….

RIP Gandolf… 2002-2-27-2013 He never met a box he didn’t like. (edited to add…  A blogpost by Timmy about Gandolf…)

7 thoughts on “Sir Gandolf the Grey, in photos

  1. I am so sorry to hear about Gandolf. I think my favorite photo is of him in the baby bouncer. Em had one and I could just imagine him there with the thing set to “vibrate”, and that is why he looks like he’s smiling.
    I hope Tatiana can adjust to being a single cat again.
    Hugs, Cathy


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