Week of 2/16 CY365

Another week of photos!  Not everyone matched up with a prompt this week… and they don’t match up to a day, for sure! Getting somewhat bored with my limited views, but I go back to the doctor next week and will have my foot uncovered and checked out.

In the Garage: No, really, there IS a car in there!
Entertain: Was Grandpa entertaining Layla or was Layla entertaining Grandpa?
Celebrate: With a mojito, anytime is a celebration!
Swing: Found swinging in the breeze—a daffy, proof that spring is on the way.
LoveIMG_3156-001: My husband, and the Valentine’s Day gift of this Dragonfly in Amber necklace.
Uncategorized:  Cat Scan??IMG_3159
Uncategorized:IMG_3180 Layla enjoying her broccoli.

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