Country Spirit…

First, the photo of Layla in the previous post ended up winning first place in the last challenge!!! Whoo hoo!! (She had to duke it out with a white puppy dog to win!)

This week’s challenge is Country Spirit…. And while the ‘moderator’ was only joking, the suggestion was to not have the entire gallery full of Flags….

I really didn’t have any feeling for the shot. Nothing sprang to mind, other than fire works, flags, and it was  just so flipping hot for the past few weeks (maybe one day that wasn’t triple digits?) I didn’t really have the energy to go wandering about, looking for inspiration.

We went to the ball game on Friday as a family for a  belated 4th of July and for the fireworks after the show. It was still close to 100 at the end of a pretty awful game.

I took these shots—the first I wasn’t really paying attention to what was happening and didn’t really have a chance to position myself better.

Then, the first Squirrel at bat hit a home run, and I WAS paying attention.

After all, what is more country spirit than baseball? (ok, apple pie and mom… geeze, now that I am about out of time…..)

untitled-12Yes, a flag photo.  “Little League Dreamers,” the kids getting to go out on field with the Minor League Squirrels. The green sheeting on the wall is the result of damage from one of the wind storms that came through Richmond about a week ago.

untitled-20-3THIS IS THE SHOT I ENTERED. “Take me out to the ballgame”  I played with different post processing effects, but liked this color best.

untitled-29Touching home plate after hitting a home run.

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