No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth…(Now with photos)

Nothing so dramatic as all that. Sadly all it seems to be is a lack of anything interesting to say. The fact I am writing is because suddenly  we are heading into our 6th month of the year and I need to figure out—what have I got to show for it?

Because really? I FEEL like I’ve somehow lost the past 5 months. This year is flying by. If they say times goes faster as you get older, all I can think is I’ll be eighty before I blink!

DID do my 10k. That was pretty much my last post, (which was something just like this post, a whine and complaint about WHERE IS THE TIME GOING???)

Layla-bug now has 5 teeth and is crawling! (So, SHE at least is taking my word of the year—MOTION– to heart) Talk about time flying!

Two of three shows I was going to do are in the record books. Did good at one (even got second place, Judge’s Choice) and pretty stinky at the other. C’est la vie.

The third is coming up on June 8th. That is a one woman show on the mezzanine of Butterworth’s/PRAC.  I JUST hit the order prints button on that one! Talk about holding my finger over the panic button.  I culled 61 photos from the 2500+ that I shot over the course of last year down at the Appomattox River.

And, then the fun stuff. The day after the show, it’s VACATION! And it couldn’t come soon enough. Time to get my head somewhere other than work, to establish a better plan of attack for the remaining half of the year, because the next thing you know, there will be Christmas stuff in the store again.

Here, just for the sake of it, are some photos! This is a musk thistle, found on the edge of Henricus Park.

2012-04-24-242012-04 April-10untitled-144 untitled-140

One of the Magnolias at Maymont.


Quilt wise, I DID get a quilt on the bed! Our wedding quilt, renamed our 10th Anniversary quilt.


Many other quilts in MIND. Not on the cutting table yet. Maybe I need to move my focus….hmm…

Happy Memorial Day Weekend. The official kick off of summer (although we’ve been feeling it for a while), REMEMBER to Think about WHY we have this weekend, and THANK a soldier…

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