DECEMBER 3, 2011 Christmas Photo A Day

A bittersweet day. I have never given up an animal before, because they are family and you tolerate quirks from family, so you should from pets as well.

But we have two senior cats, and one is chronically ill. And then we have Rory. Who is 5 years old, and playful as the day is long, and who totally can’t understand why the two older cats have little interest. If it were just that, we’d probably work things out, but because of the aggressive tendencies of his play, he has caused destruction in the house via the others marking. Everything.

Having attempted for almost 7 months to work things out, Rory is going back to the rescue today.


My Christmas wish for him is to find a home with younger cats, or to be an only cat to someone who can lavish attention on him.

In better news, Arlie is moving in today!

The balance of cats to people is swinging again towards the humans—the servants will outnumber the served.

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