Time flies when you’re having fun…

Wow…Didn’t mean to leave that last post up as my most recent for so long; I realize it’s pretty heavy stuff.

But we’ve been busy.

20110920Layla-6-Edit copy20110920Layla-9-Edit-vint20110920Layla-31-Edit20110920Layla-94-Edit

Our first grandchild, Miss Layla Fayth, arrived 5 weeks early  (thus claiming the ever so clever birthday of 9-10-11…)  She stayed in the hospital for a bit over a week.  She and I had a lovely bonding session the day after she came home, when I did her newborn photo session.  If I may say so, she is the most adorable newborn there has ever been. (No bias, of course.)


Because of Layla’s early arrival, Arlie was able to change her vacation and come visit early in October!!! We had a wonderful yet too short week together doing all sorts of girl stuff. 

Our niece Shelby married Charlie on October 7. (I was not “the” photographer;  these are a few of the shots I took) After the reception everyone drove to the rehab center where my mother-in-law has been for the past month so she could see everyone all cleaned up and shiny.  On their wedding day, Evelyn took her first steps since her surgery in August.

Today, she moves one step closer to home to the convalescent center nearby.

Autumn is upon us truly, as evidenced by the turning of the leaves and the battering of the house by acorn bombs. And that means the crazy holiday season is here too…ratcheting up at work already, I fear. 

I am getting ready to re-open my Etsy Shop for the holidays…here are two items that I will be listing…

2011 Oct 12-10-220110524-12-2

My photo a day is still going strong—I don’t think I have missed a day yet!!!

-I have to decide now about how to handle the Christmas photo a day that I hope to do again starting December 1st…. …..

And with that, I wrap up a quick update on the world as seen from the Green House…I hope that at YOUR house, the world isn’t spinning by too quickly!

(Truth—Layla is my stepdaughter’s child. But, I don’t think that Step-grandchild sounds good, nor is it a good descriptor for a child to encounter. She is going to know me as her family for all her life, and I am going to love her no less than any child my daughter herself may have. Therefore, I have designated myself her “Bonus Gigi”, but she is my grand-daughter. Shelby isn’t designated as my step-niece. I get to be her aunt by the simple expedient of having married her uncle!)

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