Quick, help me decide!!!

I have to choose one of these photos by Monday at 10 pm for a challenge, and I like them all!!!

Pick your favorite, comment and give me a REASON!! Help me decide!!!

2011 Jan 16-90Chocolate Kisses


2011-Jan 23-10Food of the Gods


2011-Jan 23-25Breakfast of Champions

2011-Jan 23-34Hot Stuff!

5 thoughts on “Quick, help me decide!!!

  1. I’ve narrowed it down to chocolate kisses because I love the composition and the one open kiss drawing contrast but I also like Breakfast of Champions because of the composition and the green color pops, especially with her eyes as contrast it draws your attention to the photograph.


  2. I like “hot stuff”. First, it’s a fun pic. Second, it plays into the ongoing “there’s something about the green ones” campaign. It makes me wonder what Green has been up to!! 🙂


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