1.14.11 FOCUS on Friday

1st things 1st. Happy Birthday, Charlie!Birthday cake

I’ve remembered every day to post an image. Sometimes, it’s a late night, run about the house, what do I shoot? Because after all, January is not the most awesome time to be finding oneself outside a lot. And night comes so quickly.

But a good number of the photos so far, despite being in the house, are really about ‘LOOKING’ with eyes that see…

I stand in front of the window most nights, washing dishes (when I remember to wash dishes)…Last night, I really saw the reflection of the blue vase in the window. (I also saw the dust and dirty window, once I shot the image.)

I have not, so far, posted any text with the images each day. Would you like to have a caption, a thought, or do you prefer the simple visual?

Please let me know which you feel is preferable and for what reasons. I want the majority of images to ‘speak for themselves’, you know?

Tonight, I went out for a bit, to the Friday For the Arts down in Old Towne. It was brisk, and not as busy a night as it has been in previous months, but I took my camera along, and got a few interesting images.

****1.14.2011 IMAGE OF THE DAY****

2011 Jan 14-20


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A few bonus images from the show…

2011 Jan 14-37

2011 Jan 14-39

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