1.7.11 Focus on Friday

One week in to the year of 2011, and although it’s been a very difficult one with the death of my father on Tuesday, I am glad that I have forced myself to shoot AND post a photo every day.

Today is Friday, the first of the year. I said I would post a blog and a photo each week on Friday. I then modified that to a Photo A Day, and further clarified it to also encompass A Year On The Appomattox. (Two shots so far this year from there…)

Since I have been out of town, I thought maybe a blog about the name of the blog!

The View from the Passenger Window is the name of my Photo Website, where my art may be purchased.

The name comes from the fact that my husband loves to drive, and take road trips, and I sit in the passenger seat, whiling the time away, watching the world go by. I very often shoot out the window, (through the glass or with the window down) through the sunroof, or make him screech to a stop, and back up so I can wander into a ditch barefoot to take a photo.

Today’s photo is one of these. Windows up, thank you very much, as the temperature in Pennsylvania was in the low 20’s.

2011-Jan07-9 copysm

50mm, ISO 400, f/22, 1/200, 65 mph….


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