You can’t force it…

I said last week that I would be putting the pedal to the metal, and getting on with it, right? No more procrastination, and no goofing off online. I was going to DO IT.

Uh huh.

I did get up into the attic, and emptied out 3 totes of stuff. The majority of it, I admit, were Halloween decorations. But that means I can state that I have finished decorating far earlier than normal for Halloween. (Somehow, it sneaks up on me. It might be that I am surrounded by the decorations at the store from August, so it’s not fresh in my mind. Or the fact it was almost 90 today could be contributing to the lack of belief that time is moving so swiftly.)

I told myself (although I don’t think I said so here) that I would do the studio last. I Can’t. I feel somehow compelled this week to weed through my quilt magazines and books, collected over the past 20 years. Who am I to deny the urge to purge? Two bookshelves in the living room also saw the axe…they are still full….just not as over-full as they were before. Goodwill got a visit from me, with a load from the back of the Aztek. I almost have everything set up on the website the way I want.  And I bought my first Christmas gift.

Overall, not a spectacular start, but not a total dud, either.

2010 halloween-2 


2010 Hallowee n

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