The Summer of Skirts…

I think it is high time for a silly, frivolous post. After all it’s August. The end of summer is either approaching or upon you. (Hopefully the dog days of summer don’t visit. Don’t think I could do with HOTTER than July, thanks.)

Skirts, I think, can certainly fulfill that topic! In the summer, a skirt is so much more comfortable than almost anything…light and airy…

I shop for my clothing almost exclusively at Goodwill. I just LIKE it better, because they are not exactly the same as every store in the mall each season.

I am able to find interesting items, good labels, well cared for and did I mention a great price?

Goodwill of Central Virginia has a system whereby all items with a certain colored price tag are 50% off any particular week. I TRY VERY HARD not to look at anything that is not on sale.

Yes, it’s one of a kind and it could be gone next time. But you know what? I have too many clothes anyway!! It has to be an extraordinary find to pay ‘full price’ for something. (And by ‘full price’ I mean $4.99 for a skirt or slacks, $6.99 for a wonderful pair of broken-in jeans, etc)

(I have a work uniform. I don’t get to wear all of this too often. I could probably save a LOT of money if I would stay out of Goodwill…sigh.)

But, look at all the wonderful skirts that found their way into my closet this yearIMG_9665-IMG_9659 IMG_9660- IMG_9661-IMG_9664-  IMG_9662 IMG_9663- 

Well, one I’ve owned for a while longer. But it WAS a Goodwill find! I didn’t bother with showing off all the combinations with the blouses I have at home or have picked up at Goodwill to go along with these pretties, but I am a happy camper! 

Off on our wild west adventure in just over a weeks worth of sleeps! Facebook updates on occasion, and a blog post or two, and photos uploaded to often, I hope!

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