I’ve been neglecting you…

…I know. Things get in the way. Life, the universe, and everything.

I have to accept that I am not an organized person– at the depth of my being, I am lazy, and do look for the shiny thing to distract me from the path that I am on. Or the shiny thing jumps out in front of me. Or whispers in my ear, “Look, over here, how much fun would THIS be?? So much more fun than THAT is!”

It is glaringly, exceedingly obvious that time gets away from me, and that I require follow-up. So, please, do harangue me, and if you need, and I am not distracted, I will harangue you back 🙂

But, now I (we) am (are) are going to have to put the pedal to the metal, the nose to the grindstone and all of those other metaphors. The big vacation is coming up, and after that, begins the season of family and visits, and dare I say the word, HOLIDAYS?

If I (we) don’t get finished now— soon– then we’ll end up in January of 2011, unfinished.

  • The Memory of Things….Photos—I have been relatively attentive to the organizing and archiving of my digital images, as I have implored you all to be.   If you don’t, it’s possible that the recorded visual history of your family may stop at 2005 or whenever you gave up film (negatives and photos dug out of the bottoms of drawers after 60 or 70 years still have a chance of being rescued/scanned/reprinted.)  Once those bits and bytes bite the dust–well, gone is gone is expensive to attempt to retrieve. I bring this up again, as it did just happen to someone I know. And it’s a sad thing, and mostly preventable.
  • Paper….My fight against paper taking over has been somewhat successful. For the first time in my adult life, I do not have any newspaper delivered. Going from a high of three newspapers a day back in New York to the news delivered only via internet was a difficult and painful decision. But I receive feeds and emails multiple times a day, and am perfectly comfortable searching out information; indeed, the newspapers stayed rolled up long after the information was out of date. I will adjust.  I hope.
  • The filing of paper is not going as well as it should—the current pile is about 7 inches tall, but I think 20 minutes can tame it.  I just need to TAKE the 20 minutes.
  • As to books, well, I took the plunge. Let me introduce Trillian to you. (Yes, I named my nook)DSCN0588I am THRILLED with my nook!  I am not about to just fling out all the books in the house, but already I have about 200 books on the nook, of which I purchased 4. I have 7 books borrowed from the library on it currently, and have found a number of websites that free (classics and current) books can be ‘purchased’. I have re-read a few classics that I might have continued to push to the end of my reading list, and have to say, I am so glad I got re-acquainted with them.
  • Kitchen cabinets/counters/drawers are all under control. I know that with an hour’s attention, I would feel comfortable with the cleanliness and lack of clutter, and I doubt 27 things could be flung from the kitchen and dining room combined. But, I will give it a shot!
  • Where I am sliding….the guest room has become a catch-all as I worked on the studio re-organization. I fell off the wagon mid-stride in the studio, distracted not only by Trillian but by Lightroom—new software for my photos—which I have been struggling to learn. Plus, a small burst of creative inspiration a la fabric and I have been doing some quilting. But, we took a big step last month, in that we flung my childhood bed that had been in the guestroom. (We will NOT discuss why) Before we put a new bed in there, we want to change out the carpet. And I need to get all the things that are in there out of there, but as there is no ‘other’ there to put them, I actually will need to do a big 27 thing fling in the guest room. I have a deadline in my head of before we go on vacation at the end of August, only because my daughter could come to visit anytime after that. And if she (or you) came tonight, you would get an air mattress in the den.
  • The living room and den. Bookshelves need more assistance. We don’t use the living room too often and I think I am neglecting a major fling/re-arrangement.
  • I never did get up into the attic. And with temperatures as they have been (early July saw a high of 108 ) the attic is a faraway plan.
  • Beyond that, I am staying out of stores (except the one I work in) so therefore I am not bringing too many things into the house. I have to get better at day to day recovery of areas in the house, and basic tasks need to just get done.

The biggest item at large, however, is motivation, and accountability to myself….And where and how I gain that is anyone’s guess.

How about you? Are you still flinging, finding 27 things harder and harder? Or have you fallen off the wagon as well?

3 thoughts on “I’ve been neglecting you…

  1. First Flylady lesson: never beat yourself up.
    Mud lesson: Never fight with Entropy, it’s a loosing battle.

    Just do small bites here and there, and things will get done.


  2. ummm…my heart was on the wagon, but I’m afraid I’m running after it….at least I’m not picking up the things you’ve flung! I have given away LOTS from my garden. 🙂

    What is your nook and trillian? Is it the same as a Kindle?


  3. I suppose I deserve some of your blame since I tend to whisk you away from home when we are off work together. Guilty as charged, and I’m sure the fling thing when it comes to the den will be more on my shoulders since the majority of that clutter is mine. So dont go too hard on yourself.


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