Buy yourself a birthday gift….

… honor my brother’s birthday, and make a purchase at one of these wonderful non-profit sites —TODAY!

It’s my ‘babiest’ brothers birthday. He is my (wait—I can’t admit in public he’s my favorite, right? –cutest probably will get me in trouble, too.)  Ok, he is my darkest haired brother, my brother who lives farthest from me…. (love ya, Joe and Chazz!!! ;0)

What to buy the most eclectic of my three somewhat alternative brothers? What to buy a kid (ahem?? cough??) who has nothing? Ok, well that would be easy, right? But he has a minimalist quality to his decorating scheme that leaves me scratching my head. (and tripping over my belongings because wasn’t watching where I was going)

I can psychoanalyze that for a moment and guess it stems in some small part from the fact he grew up at flea markets, with boxes and cases and carts of STUFF around—but whatever the source, his style really doesn’t allow for his sister to ship tchotckes 3000 miles just so he has something to open!

So, the perfect gift occurred to me the other day. Buddhabadges is his little non-profit where one inch pins to decorate your being exist…you may purchase them for ONE dollar. Each month he chooses a different (Buddhist) charity for donations.

Buddhabadges-The Shirts Due to popular demand, he has chosen a few of his designs to decorate T-shirts (which you can further decorate with badges!)

It’s less than six months till Christmas, folks. Start early, beat the rush and enjoy poking about Pokey’s sites!

How can you deny a gift to a face like this?


Can I say I am REALLY frustrated with my scanner? I had to take a photo of a photo!

Oh, and Pokey?


and to you too, LLIZ!!

AND, Welcome to the world, cousin Liam!

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