Carrying on regardless…..

We will have been married eight years on Tuesday. Where has the time gone? Timmy and I are on our ‘almost-annual’ hunnymoon, taken every year, sometime around now, in honor of our wedding day.  We do this in lieu of gifts.

(Timmy has it made. Christmas is almost always electronics, my birthday is always quilt show cash, and our anniversary is a vacation, together. He has to think on the gift thing for Valentines Day)

We were sitting at lunch today, trying to recall all of our hunnymoons, as opposed to other vacation/weekends away/family travel.

We believe we are missing one.

2003 we traveled to Paducah, Kentucky for our first anniversary, and we brought one of my best friends along!! (Hey, it was a quilt show!!! He went to the Corvette plant and to Metropolis while we wandered about)  You know you have a keeper when he lets friends travel along!

2004 was Asheville, North Carolina, and the Biltmore House.

2005 (we believe) was a staycation and ‘>renovation of our kitchen. Not quite the same but certainly a welcome diversion.

2006, Chicago and a quilt show (without my fabric sidekick, alas)

2007 is the year we are not quite sure what we did…but we are sure it was fun. Possibly Chincoteague? Maybe it was Ocracoke? Nags Head?

2008 was a delayed hunnymoon out to San Diego to visit my brother, a cousin and an uncle.

2009 was a 12 day odyssey around the coastline of Florida.

2010 finds us Oceanside in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

And to think, it all began with THIS journey!!!

 844634747_42702 011 1 5x7  844635276_42702 005 5x7844635424_42702 002 6x8844634662_42702 012 5x7844635191_42702 007 14x6844634948_42702 010 1 4x6   844635295_42702 004 5x7844635350_42702 0036x8   844634993_42702 008 5x7844634972_42702 009 5x7  844635047_42702 008 16x8 844635166_42702 007 4x6844635469_42702 001 16x8844635245_42702 006 copy4x6

Just a very few of the most wonderful images ever, taken by my friend, photographer Mike Falco. Mike gave us the most wonderful wedding gift, that of peace of mind. He was seriously in my head, and shot my wedding the way I would have….I continue to thank him to this day, and I thank all of you for having stood by us these past years…and I hope you will be with us for many more! (My vacation bucket list is DECADES long)

(Seriously, the 27 thing fling WILL be back, in this time slot, next week. No more pre-empting, I promise.)


2 thoughts on “Carrying on regardless…..

  1. This sounds like a great idea. Congratulations at making it to number 8. My hopes for you are to continue to have good times together; and that you have each other to weather the bad times, and love to bind you together even when being a couple is a drag. 😉 This year will be my 20th and I wonder where the time went.


  2. …and I loves my Hunny best of all! I admit I do have it made in lots of ways but I have endeavoured to remember the skillful instruction I have received regarding “romantic gifts”…and I do make an effort to deliver “on time.” But I also know I would not be so diligent concerning these things if it were not for the undying attention and affection that you show me without fail, your kind friends and family and a daughter that feels like one of my own.
    I feel confident 2007 was Chicoteague (since I remember the picture of you with my car at “Timmys Car Wash” after I had installed my fancy new wheels:)LOL


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