This time around I am going to post some photos for another challenge I participated in.

The challenge was GREEN. Interpret, please. There are obviously so many ways you can photograph the color green. But what ‘says’ green? What has a an active feeling of green, over and above including the color itself?  I enjoy challenges, because they do cause you to look at things again. Look at them for the first time, or in a very different way. Green was suddenly everywhere!

My first thoughts were a rainy night on a street full of traffic lights, all turned green. Great visual, but not something easily orchestrated. What about piles of cash? Or recycling? American Express cards, my green M&M coffee mug, shamrocks, a blade of grass.

I decided on a lovely warm day to go puttering in my garden. I discovered the smallest, the first popping up of seedlings (WEEDS)… I dug one up, potted it, and took some interesting photos. Probably would have chosen this had we not decided to take a top down ride to Williamsburg a few days later.

2010-MAR daf-2 4x5w

With seedlings in mind, we ran across a garden in the Colonial section, complete with Colonial gardener resting from his labor. I immediately took some photos and loved what I got (I didn’t ask him to pose, I don’t know if he thought he was even in the image).

2010-MAR 19-37 4x5w

I really like this shot. The composition is dynamic, with the green crop growing in the front, and I chose a slightly deeper depth of field to keep the gardener in focus. I used a number of my favorite actions in Photoshop Elements and am happy with the aged, soft quality. (A few other versions of this image can be seen HERE )

But as we were meandering, I spotted a girl sitting on a grassy expanse, studying. And as we got closer to her, I saw she was situated perfectly in front of one of the main buildings of Colonial Williamsburg. I added a surreal glow, to emphasize the softness of the day. This is the photo that others on the site seemed to like best to say GREEN.

2010-MAR 19-115 4x5w

The composition is basically symmetrical, but the student off-center and forward lends something to what could have simply been a snapshot of the Governor’s Palace.

It didn’t get into the finals. C’est la vie!

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