27 thing Fling, Spices…

My completed categories are THREE. My Flinging total this year is 274. (People who have never been in my house may be amazed. Visitors, not so much.)

Moving into the kitchen for a bit, today I will fling spices.

Unless you are a gourmet cook, are there even 27 spices you should own? Have they expired? Is there less than a 1/4 inch left in the bottom of the container?

Tomorrow is my day off, but instead of continuing the Fling, I will be removing Christmas. I never take Christmas down before the Epiphany, and then after, well, it lingers. I like all the sparkle.

When I pack this year, I will be looking to assure myself that I am not packing anything better sent to Goodwill, or anything broken.

I am also going to do this. All those Christmas crafts (half finished, or purchased post-Christmas for next year) are going to stay in the studio, so that over the year, as I find inspiration lacking, I can work on some of these crafts.

Then, my good intentions to give hand crafted items next year will not get swallowed in the abyss of the pressure of Christmas once again.

2 thoughts on “27 thing Fling, Spices…

  1. Congratulations on your flinging! I have been a fan of this since I was about 12. Unfortunately, my husband has a tendency to be a pack rat. I told him about your 27 fling thing and he looked at me like I had 3 heads! He said, “What if you don’t have 27 things to throw away”? I told him if he had less than 27 things he would probably be organized 🙂


  2. flinging is difficult, but necessary! I usually do it before a move and then again when unpacking, as some things slip between the proverbial crack . Supposedly I won’t be moving again, so I need to be diligent with culling out the unnecessary.


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