Question: Is it time to buy more hangers?

It is January, after all. All the stores are selling “Organization”. As if.

Answer: It isn’t time to buy more hangers when you can’t fit your clothes in your closet. It’s time to fling your clothes!

Some of the hangers I've FLUNG today...

The first two of my twenty seven categories of flinging.

  1. Clothes-Closet and drawers. I work 5 days, sometimes 6, so 7 work outfits is more than enough (I have specific work attire, not a uniform per se.) I do not attend dressy balls. I do not attend church where I am required to dress up. I do like to have clothes that look good together. Does it seem a certain color thing is happening?  Work with it! I should have two dressy outfits, (skirt, blouse, slacks, blazer/sweater,) for both winter and summer. Is there something appropriate for a funeral? For a wedding? (fill in the blank) Try on everything. Make sure anything in the keeper pile can pass —it fits well, it’s comfortable, it is in good repair (if not, what is the likelihood that you WILL repair it?), it’s not dry-clean only,(if this is an issue for you) it matches at least two other objects well. Jeans/tee-shirts—One week solid of jeans, sweats and tees, for knocking about in, and for being seen in public in.
  2. Clothes-undergarment/socks/beclothes. One set of undergarments (bra/panty) per day for 14 (?) days. Socks– athletic, dress, stockings/tights. Are there specific outfits they go with? Do any of the bras exist only to go with one dress? (hang it with the dress!) General rule, if you remember those panties as pre-child, and you have a teen, into the trash.

This may take more willpower or less, depending on YOU. There is no magic to the numbers I came up with above, except if I use them, my closet will be less packed tight, and I will be Flinging 27 things –AT LEAST!

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