Now I’ve Gone and Done it… =)

What follows below is a huge, self-serving commercial announcement:

——————————————-For all of you who have, for all these years, told me I should be selling my photography:

LOOK  at what you’ve gone and made me do!!!

Officially going ‘live’ today is my photo website, The View From the Passenger Window.This website is my virtual gallery, for your viewing (and shopping) enjoyment!

The photographs in most of the galleries are available for purchase. (Christmas is coming–hint, hint…the perfect gift for that someone who has everything!)

Please take a few moments and enjoy a walk through my world. There is a very convenient shopping cart available to you, to make shopping a cinch. Your art will wing its way to you printed on KODAK professional papers.

I am asking you (begging? pleading? cajoling? –you choose the descriptor that best suits!) to send a link to this blog to anyone who you think may enjoy it!  Or even better, simply send them a link to the site!

(You’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends….


I would love to receive comments on my art; there is a comments field in each gallery…comments are like virtual hugs…and you can never overdo hugs!!!

And, THANK YOU for your purchase!

—————————————–END of commercial announcement.

(*Were there enough subliminal messages there? Do you have a sudden urge to hang a few new photos over your couch? Did you take the hint?? Or are you just repeating that silly commercial, above? LOL)

Oh,  and by the way…..THANK YOU!!! For your friendship and for your encouragement!

2 thoughts on “Now I’ve Gone and Done it… =)

  1. Now thats a scary commercial xD…but I already knew your stuff was good! Dont forget the cool t-shirts, mugs and other items that can be had from the site with those awesome photos on them!


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