Did I score the other day at Goodwill!!!

Yes, I know I was supposed to be sitting here at home, deciding on photographs for a contest, but my head was swimming with all sorts of images….

I decided a little retail therapy was in order… to help clear out the cobwebs in my head, make it all a bit clearer; you understand, don’t you?? 

So, it had to be a mindless kind of shopping; not fabric shopping, because then my mind would only become MORE cluttered by other possibilities….

I headed to Goodwill. My absolute favorite store, outside of a quilt shop(and Ikea—don’t forget Ikea…) Now, I do have to say the quality of the Goodwill store seems to be regionally inspired.

In New York City, we didn’t have Goodwill’s while I was growing up. There was the Salvation Army, poorly located and trashy. Give me a good yard sale, any day!  And I’m not too proud to say I have shopped curbside many times in NYC either…not something that is really DONE here…(sniff…)

So when I moved here, I took a while before I ventured inside a Goodwill.  I tried shopping yard sales, but I didn’t know the lay of the land, and yard sales are more a Friday and Saturday thing here; and well, frankly, living on an island is different than NOT living on an island.

While plotting out a yard sale driving list I could easily find myself in Amelia county … that’s a long way to travel to see if anyone happens to be getting rid of something I want to own!

So I gave up on the yard sale.  And discovered a far better thing: Goodwill.


Here is Sunday’s take. Someone was cleaning out their music library and their reading library. I had to Stop. Picking. Up. The. Cd’s. It was getting silly. I whittled the stack down to about a dozen. Old friends, listened to for years on LP, and new names I decided to try.

Then, hands filled to overflowing, I wandered to the book section. After I balanced the 4th book on top of my pile of CD’s I had to give in and get a shopping cart.

Again, the book choices this day were phenomenal. Books I have read and lost, authors I love, new and interesting titles….

This trip, I stayed out of the clothing section… I left spending under $50 and now have all these neat goodies!(no, not yard sale-cheap, but not retail either,…)

I buy most of my work clothes here. And a good deal of my non-work clothes as well. (Mostly because I enjoy the poking about, the finding something a bit more unique, and because I think I worked in shopping malls for so many years that I have a secret aversion to them…)

Our Goodwill (of Central Virginia) is a sharp organization. They are clean, neat, organized, large, bright and generally a pleasure to shop.

Oh, by the way, it worked. The photos all kind of sorted themselves out in my head as I meandered, and I came home and was able to choose three relatively quickly. (see them Here…. and here…   and here! ) Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Score….

  1. Wonderful pics, Trish. But they all are… Wonderful haul from Goodwill. Ours here is really junky, and they never have clothes that I’d wear in my size. Maybe I should come to Virginia and shop, lol!



  2. Babe, you have inspired me! I could easily triple the books I budget for each month if I hit all the op shops around here. You are brilliant!! Thanks for sharing… WOO HOO


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