Our Kitties

I realized I have shown only one photo of these two sillies, and it really wasn’t too flattering (although it was SOMEWHAT true to their personalities.)

Mr. Big Eyes here is Hamish The Red, or Hamish McCloud. (William Wallaces friend in Braveheart)
Or Hamish the BAD!!!! He came to us in 2003, found by a friend of Timmy’s out on the road during an ice storm. He was scrawny, and had worn every nail down to the quick….his pads were bloody, and we were unsure if he had been declawed or something.

He obviously had gotten himself out of some very bad place, and to this day he is skittish with strangers, and insists on opening the cabinets
in the bathrooms. Closed doors in general bother him.
Miss Tatiana was brought home in the spring of 2004, as a pet for Hamish, in a last ditch effort to get him to leave us alone at night. We thought he needed a friend.

It turns out that Tatiana has no use for Hamish, and Hamish considers her less than entertaining. He still would prefer our attention over hers.
They do get on well enough; they share food, and toys, but don’t spend too much time together.
Miss Tatiana named herself. I tried names day after day, attempting to find one that she would respond to, and when I asked if her name might be Tatiana, she came out from behind the couch and over to me.

These two kitties certainly make our house a home! Posted by Picasa

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