Vacation In Photos…


2010_AUG Vacation-52--Don’t Worry, be happy! I am posting only a SMALL selection of our trip to:

Sioux Falls, Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Needles Highway, Keystone, Billings, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Salt Lake City, The Salt Falts, Rocky Mountain National Park, Boulder and whatever else we see before we head home. These are only the first few days!


2010_AUG Vacation-1= All vacations are better with Nutella! Sioux Falls Park, picnicing.

2010_AUG Vacation-12--See, our little black rain cloud did come with us on vacation after all!

2010_AUG Vacation-23-This is for YOU, dad!!

 2010_AUG Vacation-48--   Jesse James Memorial. First Train Robbery right here!

 2010_AUG Vacation-53--Wind Turbines. They have a lazy elegance, tumbling slowly and not quite synchronized.

2010_AUG Vacation-82- After breakfast every morning, we need to get rid of the evidence of our mass-murder of insects. A white car is a sorry sight in SD… There have been some gross and blood fronts of cars!

2010_AUG Vacation-97=Sioux Falls, South Dakota….A very lovely downtown water park area….would that the James in Richmond could realize even a portion of this feeling of community.

2010_AUG Vacation-72-Fog. Much, heavy pea fog, for hours and hours and hours.

  2010_AUG Vacation-162= Mitchell’s Corn Palace! Yes, the facade is decorated in CORN. And other grains. Yearly, they change out the corn and the theme of the art.

 2010_AUG Vacation-172--One of our constant companions, Timmy’s FAVORITE sign of all. (BTW. South Dakota? It’s under construction.)

2010_AUG Vacation-198-Walk the Dinosaur!

 2010_AUG Vacation-190-- Field of sunflowers.

2010_AUG Vacation-266-Badlands Park. WOW, is really the only word that I can find. Amazing, astonishing, incredible, unbelievable, unearthly, WOW.

2010_AUG Vacation-296-  The most common form of wildlife in the badlands. These little buggers are EVERYWHERE.


Oh, you wanted REAL animals?


Ok, how about HIM?


2010_AUG Vacation-396-Long Pronged Deer. Yes, I AM that close…there were a dozen grazing at an overlook….

So, there you have it. The first three days, in a few photos (mostly unedited, and what I DID do was on the laptop, and i am not thrilled with the screen)…

Hope you enjoyed!