27 gizmos and gotta have’s

Ok, our next 27 things to fling:

Kitchen utensils, gizmos, and gotta have its. Those one shot wonders. What is that gizmo for, anyway? What possessed you to buy it? Is it missing a part? Have you EVER used it? Can you do the job adequately without it? Is it one of those “who thinks up these things” things? A “people will buy anything” thing? Or a “Wow, why didn’t I think of this” thing?

Justify it’s existence in the cabinet or shelf or drawer. No gadget overflow into drawers where they don’t belong in.

Silverware. The largest number of people you have (not plan to or expect to in the future) hosted for a sit-down meal, plus 1. If you host that number only once every 24 months, move most of it to out of the way storage. Leave out enough to set the table properly. (Kitchen, all seats, or dining room, all seats, if you use it.) If you haven’t created this out of the way storage location yet, box it, bag it, move it out of the home location, and we will find a place later. HINT: It needs to be in the way ENOUGH for you to remember you own it!.

Dishes/ pots/ pans pantry shelving is all for another day.

Limit yourself to those locations where ‘gadgets gather.’ (Junk drawers, too!)

I have had four different people at work mention 27 things to me in the past week.

I hope you, too are finding this helpful and good encouragement!!!