December 4

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Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone National Park, August 25, 2010.

On this day, many, many years ago (legend tells) all the guests and staff were snowed in during a rare summer blizzard, and they apparently all got festive and began a tradition of celebrating Christmas.

We were in Yellowstone on August 25th, and the entire place had been taken over by Christmas! Santa arrived, there were Christmas carols, trees, decorations and the kids got to make Christmas ornaments!

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My old Blog… if you are looking for it!

This blog, on Blogger, was started in May of 2006.  I didn’t get too crazy with it, but here it is anyway….some fun photos, and a couple of cute stories.  I will be moving all my links over here; so far I think I like this place better anyway!!!

another blog, folks!

It’s February. the second. How? I don’t really know, but somehow it seems I haven’t updated my blog since New Years Day. And blogger is being crotchety, so I decided to try someplace else……

so here I am!