27-thing Fling. Super-size me!

Happy New Year!!!!

Have you ever heard of the 27-Thing Fling? It’s like a low impact de-cluttering project.

In my version, you make it a part of your day, or make it a concentrated effort, to eliminate 27 things each day…(or period of time you allot, or each time you decide to conquer clutter…)

Fly Lady came up with the name, but she has all these rules, lol, like getting dressed every day, first thing, and keeping your shoes on in the house and -–and, well, it just isn’t happening….

However, with the new year here, and the piles growing again, and the desire to accomplish something, my brain started wandering….(I am far better at brain wandering than say, cleaning…)

What if I were to try to find 27 categories for potential flinging, instead of simply flinging 27 things a day? And here you have the number one reason WHY I can’t accomplish things:

Here is a proven method, and I MUST complicate it. (Like the time I decided I would design my own cross-stitch pattern. On 18-count Aida cloth. Never mind the fact I had never completed a counted cross-stitch in my life, I was making one from scratch. It’s not finished, in case you were curious.)

Anyway, these are the categories I came up with.  All categories subject to change. I will post details on them a few at a time.

Clothes-closet and drawers




Kitchen utensils


Under the sink


File cabinets

Knick knacks/home decor

Linen closet

Cat toys/supplies


Jewelry box/hair do-dads

Quilt fabrics IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Quilt books HARD!!!

Quilt patterns HARD!!!

Art supplies HARD!!!

Paintbrushes/paints HARD!!!!

Glues and adhesives HARD!!!!

Papercrafting/scrapbooking HARD!!!

Jewelry making HARD!!!

Magazines HARD!!!

CD’s HARD!!!

Books HARD!!!!

Kitchen cabinets/pantry

Photographs HARD!!!

But I Work, you say. Yes, I do, too. 40 hours, quick commute. No kids at home, but still there isn’t time in a day, is there? There really aren’t any hard and fast rules to this. 27 is just a number. It’s the ‘Thing/Fling’ that rhymes! Remember these things:

  • You do not need to sign up, or even let me know you are flinging, but it would be nice to know I am not alone. If something is working for you, do share!
  • I am NOT coming to check up on anyone… (unless you live somewhere warm, with beaches, and send me a plane ticket).
  • No one is going to check your piles/bags to see if you cheated. If you really can’t find a 27th thing to throw out one day, dry your hands with a paper towel and fling that!
  • I don’t need to see photos of piles. (I’ll show you mine if you show me yours??? Well, maybe I will post some….) There are no rules, there is no prize, there is no timeline. You can make up your own categories that suit your needs.
  • There is no deadline. You don’t need to do them in order. You can even keep going after you hit 27 at one time…(54, 81)
  • Motivation by accountably? Telling the world I am doing this makes it real. So are you telling, too?
  • This task is not supposed to supplant general housekeeping. Don’t get so overly motivated by the counting or the flinging that dinner is forgotten, or laundry ignored, etc…
  • Try to do one category a day(or one round of 27 on a big category) Or one each day off. Or every Tuesday. Some areas may be quick. Some torturous.
  • Hint: Do not clean (which in my world would be using a sponge, vacuum, spray bottle, etc) while you are in the middle of counting to 27! The cleaning thing is a whole different ballgame. You figure out when to fit that in, but don’t let it break your stride. Part of why the clutter built up in the first place is probably because you got sidetracked anyway.
  • Even those whose houses are clean, organized and ‘clutter-free’ tend to be able to throw away another 27 things…(Which EXPLAINS how it is their house is clean and clutter-free to begin with!!)
  • How you dispose of these things is up to you. Many things–empty envelopes with someone’s old phone number shoved in a coat pocket count for an item, by the way– are obviously trash. If you do yard sales, if you KNOW cousin Sally would want to own it, or Ebay, Etsy, Craigslist, Freecycle; if you prefer, Goodwill. This is up to you. Just make it leave.
  • (Subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss a thing…. look to the sidebar for two easy ways.)

Know this: This is a “Do as I SAY, not as I DO” kind of blog!  Look, I am not an organizer, I don’t play one on TV or on the internet. I am probably ADD. I am not the person to prove anything to, yet I am more than happy to encourage and tell you keep it up! You are taking advice from me?? It’s worth about this (.) much, ok?

The the longest journey begins with a single step… Put one foot in front of the other….(insert whatever motivational ditty works for ya, ‘k?)

I have commenced the flinging. You may begin when you are ready.

And again, Happy New YEAR!

May 2010 be the best one yet!

9 thoughts on “27-thing Fling. Super-size me!

  1. For us car-guys and woodworkers, we could stay busy with this in the shop all year! Its amazing how woodworkers never seem to want to throw away the smallest scrap of a board…evn though we go out and get more for every project we undertake.


  2. I am going to do this, but I’m only doing 7 – and only once a week! That might sound too simple, but I need to start somewhere!

    And Timmy – it’s not just the woodworkers who are cursed with this scrap thing. As a quilter, I find it hard to throw away any piece of fabric that looks big enough to fit at least one stitch in!


    • go for it, Ebony!!!
      And really, the funny thing?? If you count EVERYTHING, as you go thru the day, just looking at the bulletin board while you are on the phone once a day, you will find your SEVEN things….and then another seven, and another….

      I just finished my dresser drawers. 57 Items. (sock PAIRS counted as one, but orphan socks counted as one too!!)


  3. You have inspired me. My son left home to have an adventure in the wide wide world…so I took almost everything out of my bedroom and put the riff raff in boxes in his room and now I am going through it a box at a time and tossing! I like the way my room looks now even though it still could be improved…I am going to save the craft category until last…I know there must be cloth I was given that is not exactly my cup of tea, etc. so maybe someone else would like it. To reward myself I am going to buy a crafting table, a good light or two and a cabinet and set it up by the window in that now mostly cleared room so I can enjoy the space that I have created.


    • GOOD for you, Darcy!
      I think the one box at time being gone through is a great idea! I actually grabbed a big Tote and shoveled everything off of the cutting table and desk into it a week or so back. I will eventually empty it all out, have been plucking things off the top layer as I need them…


  4. I SO badly want to be able to actually find stuff. I am at the dangerous age where I put things away in a safe place and well… it is toast! Gone! Pffttt. I have an R & R weekend scheduled and during the drive I am going to figure out how to do this. I have been simplifying. I have been pitching clutter. But I think it is gaining. I found you via the Puzzle and I’m staying for the Flinging! Thanks!


    • Elle, i am thrilled to have you join in!!! Take your time there are no rules, other than those self imposed! There is a certain satisfaction in seeing that things start to make sense in your home… and I loved your quilt…..very cool stuff


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